Use your software to make your hardware sing

I like to read what others are doing. Most of my work life is about enabling projects or line organizations to see what happens to their systems when usage of them go up. Once in a while I’m doing nitty gritty stuff around creating and running simulations to get business objectives proven or disproven.

This webinar sounds fun on the more hand on side of my work:

Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB

Best Practices for Optimizing Infrastructure Performance and Budget
Presented by: Alex Bordei

When harnessed correctly, hardware can generate performance improvements in software of up to 60% in an existing setup, with zero or minimal investment.

In this webcast Alex Bordei will look at how Impala, Elasticsearch and Couchbase perform when scaled vertically and horizontally, over a number of different bare metal setups. He’ll discuss testing that produced results that included: going from one hex-core CPU to two deca-core CPUs, from 32 to 192 GB of RAM, from local to distributed storage, and from 2 to 14 instances.

Tune in to see what setup provided the best performance/price for each application and learn how to get more performance right now, from NoSQL DB.

Yes – using a couple of different database setups as the system under load on some different configurations, see what happens when scaling vertically (”stronger/faster servers”) or horizontally (”more server in parallel”).

This will be fun – and I’m pretty sure I’ll learn still more, for sure getting reminded about some old friends in new shapes. Come on, join us!


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