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This wasn’t how I wanted to be mentioned

It’s always fun to be mentioned to some larger audience, but when my tweet got mentioned by the Swedish speaking Android focused blog http://swedroid.se/, it was a bitter sweet pleasure. Samsung lägger ned Note 7 för gott https://twitter.com/SamsungSverige/status/785855872530518016

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Thinking about a new laptop

It’s a new year and I’m looking for a few things to change. One of the smallest of these things is to look into a new computer to bring around, to use at customers and while traveling. The first thing … Läs mer

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Use your software to make your hardware sing

I like to read what others are doing. Most of my work life is about enabling projects or line organizations to see what happens to their systems when usage of them go up. Once in a while I’m doing nitty … Läs mer

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Nothing new under the clouds

So you just moved your application into a cloud, abandoning those servers in your own data center? Will there be any change in what to performance test? Given the underlying driving forces as lined out in this blog at Dynatrace by … Läs mer

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HP LoadRunner and using the ODBC driver – [MsgId: MERR-108770]

Once in a while during performance tests, I have to put load directly on a database server. Now, this doesn’t happen too often – the most popular tests in the last couple of years have been measurements on the interface seen by … Läs mer

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Valfrihetens Android

Välj hur du matar in text på Androidtelefoner. Mycket text och tid att ha en dialog med tangentbordet? Eller bara en hand ledig och lite långsammare men fortfarande felfritt? Läs mer

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